The Perfect Shave

I once went almost a full year without shaving any part of my body. That’s right. What sprung forth from my armpits in a feminist liberation fury was something I was unfamiliar with seeing on myself. Hair.

That portion of a year where I avoided the razor like my childhood cat avoided the sprinklers was a time of sweet, sweet apathy. Yet in living with more than an inch of hair on my previously smooth body parts, I realized I actually liked having those places smooth and hairless (which is just as okay as preferring hair to be there. My hair is simply that- my hair.)

So shaving. Prior to going zero waste, I only had ever shaved with plastic razors. The thought of using a safety razor on my armpits and legs never occured to me until I wanted to cut down on my plastic usage and invest in something long lasting.

In my video, I explain the razor I use, end of life care, and how to assemble it.

Shaving Cream

Coconut oil is a magical and beautiful thing. I don’t typically use shaving cream. My dry legs would prefer it, but to me, it’s just one more thing to add to my shower routine. I do hear of people using coconut oil as their shaving cream. If you prefer to make a custom shaving cream, here is a shaving cream recipe using coconut oil and shea butter.

Razor Brands

The Viking Blade is what I use. Package Free Shop sells safety razors and refills as well.

EDIT from my video’s haphazard razor assembly

There’s actually a way less hazardous way to do this 😐 You can put the head in your palm and unscrew from the base. Thanks, Mom. Won’t be cutting my fingers anymore! And I’m honestly embarrassed it took me over a year to learn about this.

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