Case by Case

The longer I live low-waste, the more I realize how plastic has reached its toxic tentacles in the most daily and intimate parts of our life. One small part of our lives (which collectively ends up having a massive impact) is  phone cases. Most of us use a phone case, most of our cases are plastic, and I get overwhelmed thinking of how many phone cases we use in our lifetime. Added up, that’s a lot of plastic in landfills and the ocean.

I recently got a new iPhone a couple months ago, and if you know me at all, you know my phone always needs a case- my clumsiness demands it. So, I was on the hunt for a plastic-free phone case. Was such a thing possible? I then discovered through a favorite YouTuber of mine Pela phone cases!

Pela cases are made out of flax. They’re totally plastic free- even their packaging is recycled paper materials, able to be composted or recycled again. The phone case itself can also be composted once you are done using it. How cool is that?!

I initially thought, “Okay, that’s great… but can a phone made of flax straw really protect my phone?” And the answer to that, my friends, is totes ma goats. The case is incredibly sturdy and durable, and my phone is still scratch and dent free! The company is one of the most eco friendly and responsible ones out there. If you’re in the market for a phone case, please please consider Pela and start the move away from those plastic cases.

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