Liquid Magic (for your Skin)

As I’ve mentioned previously, my zero-waste journey began when I was still dealing with acne as an adult and as a last resort, I starting making homemade skin products rather than using industrial products packaged in plastic and made with chemicals. This serum is one of them and I’m convinced it is liquid magic. This serum is what I use as a facial moisturizer, nail/cuticle oil, hair serum, spot treatment, and much more.

My homemade skin serum is lifesaver for me especially during these winter months when my nails are splitting, my face is overdried, and my hair is frizzier than usual. After a recent trip to Chicago aka the frozen tundra, my skin was in need of some extra TLC.

I made this recipe on my own after a lot of trial and error in discovering my skin’s type and needs. I usually make one small vial at a time. It smells delightful, makes my skin feel like that of a goddess, and it lasts me 5ever. This serum is vegan, versatile, and super easy to make. I get my main supplies in bulk, so it’s low waste, too! In my video below, I run through how I make it and what ingredients you will need. Ingredients and directions are also listed below!


  • organic sweet almond oil
  • organic jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E oil (3-8 drops)
  • essential oils of your choice (2-5 drops)


Combine almond oil and jojoba oil in a vial of your choice (2:1 ratio), then your vitamin E and essential oils. Shake and apply!

Want the serum but don’t have the time or supplies to make it? I made a few extra that are for sale!


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