Writing Away

This year I told myself I would make it more of a priority to dive into Scripture. It was hypocritical of me to be encouraging teens to accept that invitation yet to not take it seriously myself. I told myself I would mark up my Bible in whatever way I needed (as if my whole undergrad career didn’t do that enough)

A collectively large impact in waste comes from school supplies- highlighters and pens come in plastic tubes, and once used up (if not lost before then), are never reused again but sent to landfills.

Think of how many pens, highlighters, plastic binders and folders, markers, etc. you’ve used in your lifetime. Where are they all at now?

I got myself these wooden highlighter pencils from Life Without Plastic. They’re made of natural wood, are biodegradable, and won’t dry out. Their paper mill is the first in the US to offset 100% of its electricity with renewable wind power.

I still have lots of plastic pens pre-zero-waste days. So I’m actually using them up (a first for me) and saving them in a box. Once that box is full, I’ll send them for recycling with TerraCycle – an amazing company that recycles many items that aren’t usually able to be recycled. Once all my plastic pens are gone, I want to invest in one single fountain pen that I can continually refill with ink. Because minimalism makes it easier to keep track of one high quality single pen rather than 30 cheap ones. ❤️🙏🌎


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