Composting for Apartment Dwellers

Let me walk with you on two ways you can compost if you live an apartment and/or don’t have a backyard.

Composting is great because you see benefit firsthand from rotting your waste, rather than sending it off to a landfill in a plastic bag where it will produce methane gas and pollute the earth.  Composting turns trash into treasure, giving your trash a second life (whoaaaa). You get to see Mother Nature at her finest. What I love most about composting is that it is easy (you literally just throw your scraps in a bin and leave it) and completely FREE.

Composting takes us back to our roots as humans, living as we once did not too long ago, before we had this culture of shipping our trash off to someplace we’ll never see again.

More questions? Leave a comment! I’m still trying to figure this out myself. We can figure it out together!

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