Dishes Part 2: Brushes and Soap

I’ve already gushed about the modern convenience of dishwashers and how I use my machine in a zero-waste, eco-friendly way.

But sometimes, you can’t always use a dishwasher. Sometimes, you don’t even have a dishwasher. Allow me to walk you through how to wash dishes, zero-waste style, without the luxury of a dishwasher.


I use wooden brushes to scrub and clean. I also have a bamboo scraper for cooked on foods. In using these, I completely avoid plastic brushes and synthetic sponges! I was able to get all of these from local grocery stores (and one from Sur La Table). You can also find them online. I have one brush for bottles, one brush specifically for my cast iron skillet, one brush for hardcore scrubbing, and one brush for everything else. Pro tip: old toothbrushes also work for hard to reach areas that need cleaning.

Dish Soap Recipe:

  • 1 part liquid castille soap (please do NOT use Dr. Bronner’s, which has palm oil)
  • 2 part distilled filtered water
  • 10-20 drops of essential oils of your choosing

Combine all in a soap dispenser of choice, shake shake shake it, and you’re done.

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