Reusing Food Scraps: Green Onions

Last week, I provided a one month update on my DIY compost bin. One thing I am hyper-aware of now with composting my waste is how much food waste I actually produce. It’s much more than I thought. Composting is one way to reduce sending food to landfills; reusing your food scraps to give your food a second life is a whole other thing!

I’ve decided I wanted to commit to reusing my food scraps as much as possible before having to compost them. The easiest way to do that (and the first way I have tried) is with green onions.

After I used a bunch of green onions I had bought for some meals, I decided to place what was left of the scraps, the white end with the root attached, into a small jar of water, just enough to cover the roots and base, without submerging the top. I placed it on a sunny window sill, changed the water out every day, and within 24 hours, there was already growth! By a week, they had grown 2-4 inches!




I continued to add more green onions as I bought them. You can see in the picture above the variety in growth stages. It amazed me how simply just water and sunlight could bring food scraps back to life!


Once my first batch of green onions hit the 5 inch mark in new growth, it was time to plant them. I filled up an old pot of mine (pre zero-plastic days) with potting soil and placed my green onions in there. You want to be sure to cover the roots and white base entirely with soil. The only visible part should be the green stem.


Now my food has been given a second life and it was hilariously easy and simple. If you have access to water and sunlight, there is no reason you should not be doing this, Now, whenever I need green onions for a meal, I simply trim off the ends of my plants and it will instantly grow back. Bada bing bada boom.

2 Replies to “Reusing Food Scraps: Green Onions”

  1. I never thought to do that with green onions; I’ll have to give it a try! I have a massive spearmint plant in my garden that started as a cutting from a bunch of organic mint I bought at Whole Foods for a recipe. Every fall I cut a bit to grow indoors over the winter, and every spring the plant comes back up to supply me through the growing season. So fun!

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