Toilet Paper: Why I Give a Crap

How does one wipe their sweet lil’ tush while being low waste? Luckily, wiping and sustainability can go hand in hand. Yee haw!

I’ve heard about using a family cloth, but I won’t ever reach a point in my low waste journey where I would use that. And that’s okay. Luckily, that is where Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper comes in.

I switched because I have a few problems with conventional toilet paper you find in stores. Toilet paper usually comes wrapped in plastic and is made from “virgin” materials. The plastic packaging sticks around forever, and a tree was cut down so you could wipe your bum once. There’s also lots of chemicals in the paper you’re putting near your precious parts, and that’s a no-no.

Why I use Who Gives a Crap:

  1. Packaging: My t.p. rolls came in a cardboard box, and each roll was individually wrapped in paper, paper that is cool, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed, so we can actually reuse it before composting or recycling it.
  2. Quality and Materials: Their t.p. is made of 100% recycled materials, no virgin materials. Trees can keep thriving and we can keep wiping our butts. Don’t let the recycled materials fool you. This t.p. holds up. Also, no chlorine or nasty chemicals being put near your bum.
  3. Company Values: Not only is this company sustainable, but they donate 50% of their profits to Water Aid, a leading clean water charity to to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

I heard about Who Gives a Crap from a few bloggers I follow, and decided to take the plunge (pun unintended). This is the best solution for me for the time being. Unfortunately, this is one of those zero waste switches where I am consuming and not saving a whole lot of money, but the difference is absolutely worth it for me. I ordered a year’s worth of toilet paper, so one box will last you a very long time.


This toilet paper is not yet sold in stores, so unfortunately I do have to order it online and have it shipped to me. This is a privilege not many have; I hope that in using my privilege to support these companies and increase the demand for sustainable products such as this one will increase its availability and expand its market (the joys of living with capitalism lol)

Now go buy some toilet paper!

This is a product appreciation post; I am in no way affiliated with their organization, nor am I receiving any compensation for mentioning them. I just really love this brand!

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