About the Blog

Ditch the Trash is a zero-waste lifestyle blog, exploring sustainability, intentional living, and justice issues.

If you’re interested in sharing a post on zero waste living, slow fashion, minimalism, sustainability, or intentional living, please contact me! We love to have more contributors.

About the Zero-Waste Movement

Zero Waste, as promoted here, is a philosophy based on a set of practices aimed at avoiding as much waste as possible.

For me, I achieve this by following the 5 R’s in this exact order:

  1. Refuse what I do not need.
  2. Reduce what I do need.
  3. Reuse by using reusables.
  4. Recycle what I cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse (as a very last resort)
  5. Rot (compost) the rest.

We understand that perfectly achieving “zero waste” is currently impossible, as we live within a linear economy, not a circular one. However, in recognizing the need for a circular economy, we aim our actions and purchases in supporting one.

Inclusivity stands above all. We recognize environmental justice is tied with many pursuits including, but not limited to, dismantling colonialism, fighting for racial justice, and promoting economic justice.

About Me

Hello! My name is Amanda and I live a low waste lifestyle in Portland, Oregon.

I’m passionate about non-toxic, low waste living, my Catholic faith, and food. I love being outdoors soaking up sunshine, playing the guitar and banjo, running my fingers though fresh herbs, and cooking food for loved ones.

I started this blog as an attempt to have a space to share all my thoughts/doings in pursuing a zero waste lifestyle. I hope you can join me!

For more on why I live zero waste and what lead me to this lifestyle, watch this and read this post.

There are many blogs about zero waste living already out there, many of which were catalysts in my own journey. Here are a few of my inspirations.

Want to contact me directly? Shoot me an e-mail at ditchtrash@gmail.com! Or fill out the form below.

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