Toilet Paper: Why I Give a Crap

How does one wipe their sweet lil' tush while being low waste? Luckily, wiping and sustainability can go hand in hand. Yee haw! I've heard about using a family cloth, but I won't ever reach a point in my low waste journey where I would use that. And that's okay. Luckily, that is where Who Gives …

Reusing Food Scraps: Green Onions

Join me as I try to put less food scraps in my compost bin and give them a second life instead. First on my list- green onions. Endless taco toppings, here I come.

Hand Butter

Winter is rough on my hands. Finding a hand cream recipe that could soothe my dry, cracked skin was a big need of mine when making my own beauty products. Now I have this recipe and it works wonders!