Toilet Paper: Why I Give a Crap

How does one wipe their sweet lil' tush while being low waste? Luckily, wiping and sustainability can go hand in hand. Yee haw! I've heard about using a family cloth, but I won't ever reach a point in my low waste journey where I would use that. And that's okay. Luckily, that is where Who Gives …

Reusing Food Scraps: Green Onions

Join me as I try to put less food scraps in my compost bin and give them a second life instead. First on my list- green onions. Endless taco toppings, here I come.

Hand Butter

Winter is rough on my hands. Finding a hand cream recipe that could soothe my dry, cracked skin was a big need of mine when making my own beauty products. Now I have this recipe and it works wonders!

Writing Away

Think of how many pens, highlighters, plastic binders and folders, markers, etc. you’ve used in your lifetime. Where are they all at now? Plastic free writing utensils are a thing, y'all.

Liquid Magic (for your Skin)

As I've mentioned previously, my zero-waste journey began when I was still dealing with acne as an adult and as a last resort, I starting making homemade skin products rather than using industrial products packaged in plastic and made with chemicals. This serum is one of them and I'm convinced it is liquid magic.

Tea Time

If you're a tea lover like me, you know tea can contain an insane amount of packaging. But as always, there's a way to consume without producing so much waste.